Best Games

Are you a big gamer? Are you an iPhone 4S owner? If you said yes to both questions, then I have just the right thing for you. If you want to own great games for your 4S and test the phone’s A5 microprocessor, then you have to try the following real games on this powerful handset.

The following are some of the best games for your iPhone 4S:

Grand Theft Auto 3 – This is the game that changed the definition of Open-World on a handset that actually changed the whole Smartphone theory. Yes, this game is not that family-friendly, but I am sure that you won’t want it in any other way. The 10th year Anniversary of GTA 3’s brought about the release of this mobile phone version of open-world game. The iPhone 4S together with the iPad 2 are the only Apple gadgets that can run this game. Again, this is all thanks to the phone powerful A5 chip.

Scribblenauts Remix – This is definite a family-friendly game for your iPhone 4S. If you simply want to get rid of violent games then this is for you. This is a puzzle solving game that will challenge you to test your brain. All you have to do is to input words to solve its 50 levels. You do this just like the famous Nintendo DS titles. You will get 10 iOS exclusive stages if you play this game on this phone. You will also enjoy the game’s colorful graphics. Kill time with this family-friendly cute game.

Captain America – The Captain and you can make anything happen! This game will give you something different. With your swiping prowess, you can travel in one direction to another. This game play is fluid. Your fingers will e able to focus on the action that will automatically come to you on the phone’s touch screen. You can use shield throwing, wall jumping, enemy bashing, and hopping over under obstacles and more on this game. This is something that you will enjoy on your iPhone 4S.

Angry Birds – This is another family-friendly game for your phone. You can start dishing out revenge on those pigs who stole the Birds precious eggs. This game features hours of fun game play. You will get 288 levels or pure logic, brute force, skill, just to crush those green pigs.

Best Games For Wii MotionPlus

Gaming fans and players are currently experience two years of amazing success from Nintendo and its best game video consoles Wii. On latest conference E3 we have seen some really amazing new innovations that made us all anxious to enjoy them playing. But one of the product hit the 2009 year and in its first announcement already sold millions unit, it is the Wii MotionPlus accessory which gets placed on the bottom of the Wii remote and enchants it with new features.

Thanks to that new product now your movements will be more realistic and with a nice 1:1 ratio playing new Wii MotionPlus games, will be more fun! New games will have more accurate swings of yours, you will be able to perform faster movements and now every inch of your swing will be converted into virtual one.

The new accessory provides better game play in games like sports that includes Golf, Tennis or in action games like shooting, but which new games will be the best, which one will provide players a new gaming experience thanks to new accessory? Here is the list of best games for Wii MotionPlus that have been revealed in year 2009.

  1. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 – An Electronic Arts golf sports game for Nintendo Wii providing players the ultimater golf swings, golf starts and courses that are most famous in real life golf World challenge. 27 more courses and availability of playing US open, PGA tour and many more.
  2. Wii Sports Resort – An Nintendo sports game sequel of the best selling game Wii Sports. New sports which include enchanted accessory features. Take place on the tropical island where you will enjoy sports like Disc Dog, Sword Fight and many more!
  3. EA Sports Grand Slam – An Electronic Arts tennis sports game with most famous Grand Slam competitors, courses and challenges. Experience being an best tennis Grand Slam player and use your upgraded remote for faster and more accurate swings!
  4. Academy of Champions – An UBI soft football based game providing fun for family. Pele as your coach and you as your team leader with many customizable and skilled players win the champions cup.
  5. Red Steel 2 – An UBI soft action sword fight game that provides one of the most accurate shooting and fighting experience in Nintendo Wii history. Sequel to the first series with many new features, publishers promises and game play that you will not be able to resist to!

Best Games For Toddlers

One of the biggest delights you’ll ever experience is the fun of seeing a favorite toddler open a gift that she just loves, and that you know she’ll spend hours and hours playing with.

Toddler’s games and toys are always colorful and fun, but they are often educational, too. This is great! Your toddler learns important skills, and has a great time, too. These are the best games for toddlers, and you can give them feeling confident that you’ve invested wisely in your little one’s entertainment and growth.

So what are the best games for toddlers?

One game that is wonderful and action packed is the Fisher-Price Smart Cycle. This highly rated toy lets your youngster get moving and learning with on his own child-sized “cycle.” It plugs into your TV and offers a variety of opportunities for learning and fun. The Smart Cycle games all help kids learn about letters, shapes, colors and numbers with the help of on screen characters. Your child can explore a wide variety of environments, and play fun arcade games, too.

The Fisher-Price Smart Cycle is easy to use right out of the box, and helps your child develop motor skills, providing a fun way to get plenty of exercise, too. It’s designed to grow with your child as he develops more advances cognitive and physical skills. This is one kid’s toy that won’t sit unused in a corner!

There are plenty of other neat toys and games for toddlers, too!

The Step 2 WaterWheel Activity Play Table is perfect for hours of fun. All you do is add the water! This child-height play table is set up like a mini-lake with funnels that dump water onto a working water wheel and into the “lake” harbors and canals. It comes with a set of boats, a water cup and the water wheel tower.

This is a great toy for kids who are fascinated with water (and what toddler isn’t?). It’s also a clean toy – the worst that can happen is that your child will get wet! The Step 2 WaterWheel Activity Play Table teaches children cause and effect and helps them hone their fine motor skills. The table is sturdy enough to support little ones who are still a bit unsteady on their feet, and will keep even older children interested for hours.

And check out the LeapFrog Leapster Learning Game System. This super cool gaming system is for older toddlers, and will even entertain kids up to eight years! Games that build the brain are what LeapFrog is famous for, and the Leapster Learning Game System upholds that reputation. A video game format teaches kids about math, reading and language, and it’s so much fun, your toddler won’t even know she’s learning! Tutorials and adjustable skill levels help your kids advance.

Top 3 Most Addicting Games


When it comes to choosing the best games for iPad, you are well advised to look at what other people are finding entertaining. The more addicting a game is, the more likely you are to want to play over and over again and as a result get the best value for money. This is my top 3:

  1. Angry Birds. This has been the most popular game for a good reason: it is one of the most addicting games for iPad, and once you become drawn into the world of evil pigs and vengeful birds it is hard to put it down. The premise is as follows: the pigs have stolen the birds eggs and the various birds are trying to attack the pigs dens which are shelters constructed from a variety of materials. Each bird has a different destructive characteristic, and it is your job to propel each bird toward the shelters at the precise angle required to do the most damage using a catapult. It is a fantastic app and one of the best iPad games available.

  1. Flight control. Your job as air traffic controller is to land as many planes as you can safely. You have 4 different kinds of aircraft travelling at different speeds which have to be landed on the correct runways without them colliding with each other. As the game goes on there are more and more planes so you job becomes increasingly difficult. This is a family favourite and has been for many months now, so I can safely say it is addicting and one of the best games for iPad.

  1. Mathris. A highly entertaining and addicting game for iPad, Mathris is especially good for children and anyone wanting to brush up on arithmetic skills. On each level there is a target number, and as numbered balls fall into the screen your aim is to tap balls that add up to the target. As they are tapped they disappear from the screen in a Tetris™- style fashion, and you must not let the screen fill up. The target number keeps changing to keep you on your toes. Simple and entertaining, mathris is one of the best free games for iPad.

There are many thousands of games available in the app store now, so it is good to have some guidance as to the best iPad games available. Stick with this selection for a really good choice of best games for iPad.