Best Gaming Desktop Computers

Even though mobile devices seem to flourish along with gaming consoles, gaming PCs are still a reality. They get tougher and tougher by each passing day with new technologies added and new inventions becoming powerful hardware components.

Gamers are aware that there is no console or other type of gaming device that can truly beat the performance a desktop can bring. But how do you separate the winners from the losers? Which is the best gaming computer the market has to offer?

There are several things that need to be taken into account if you ever hope to answer this question. If you start from the outside and work your way in, the first thing to take into account is the design.

Most gaming desktops come in all sorts of designs, ranging from minimalist to functional to out of this world. Some even look like future machines since they incorporate unusual design lines into their build. Nonetheless, it’s important not get caught up in these details but to focus on finding the best gaming computer you can accommodate at home. It has to look good, but it also has to function properly.

This brings us to the internals. The hardware part of any gaming computer usually drives people away. It seems complicated at first, but once you know what you’re looking for in a specs list, it all becomes clear.

For a computer to run, it needs:

  • a motherboard;
  • a processor (or CPU);
  • RAM (or system memory);
  • a video card (you’ll need a dedicated video card if you wish to get a gaming computer);
  • a sound card (most people get computers with integrated sound cards);
  • a hard drive (SSD is your best choice if gaming desktops are in question);
  • a PSU (short for Power Supply Unit);
  • a case where everything comes together.

Now let’s take these components separately and see what’s best to choose for a gaming rig:


The motherboard is where all the other parts are connected. This is where the processor is inserted into the socket, the RAM and graphics card are inserted into their slots and where all the drives are connected.


The processor is one of the most important parts in any desktop since it’s the hardware part that does all the calculations. Every modern games needs a powerful processor to run properly and you should target desktops with at least a quad-core processor installed.

Now you’ve got plenty of choices here, but it is recommended you choose a computer with either an Intel Core i5 or i7. These are powerful enough to run pretty much any demanding tasks you throw at them, games included.


RAM or system memory are small cards which are installed on the motherboard and they help the processor get stuff done (I won’t go into detail here). The thing to keep in mind is that the more RAM a system has, the better it will run, the faster everything loads and so forth.

For a gaming computer you should aim at getting one with at least 4-8 GB of RAM installed. The more you can afford, the better it will be in the long run.

Video Card

The video or graphics card is perhaps the most important component in a gaming desktop PC. It will determine what you can play and at what quality settings. Most computers come with integrated graphics cores which are not recommended since they use available RAM to get the work done, which can leave the processor wanting more system memory.

You need a desktop that has a dedicated graphics card with at least 1GB of dedicated video RAM (or VRAM). You have two options for manufacturers here. One is NVIDIA which produce high-end graphics cards and the other is ATI which some people find to be more affordable. Most people tend to opt for gaming desktops with NVIDIA graphics cards. If you do this, you should get one with a 600 series graphics card installed.

Sound Card

Now most people never even saw what a sound card looks like, since they are fairly rare. It will make a huge difference in the way you perceive a gaming world if you choose to go with a computer that has a dedicated sound card. These cards output on 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound channels and are the best choice when gaming or entertainment desktops are concerned.

Hard Drive

The hard drive is one of those components that often gets overlooked. People tend to opt for desktops with large capacity drives but never enquire about the performance a hard drive has on a system. For a gaming desktop you need to squeeze every last bit of performance so everything runs smooth. This means you need a computer that has a hard drive with at least a 7200rpm disk.

If your budget can take it, you have to get a desktop that carries an SSD drive. SSD stands for Solid State Drive and is just what the name implies – a solid state drive. It contains no moving parts and electronically speaking, it’s basically a large flash drive. These drives are typically more expensive, but they can reach data transfer speeds of up to 12x more than regular hard disk drives.


The power supply unit provides power to the motherboard which powers pretty much anything directly connected to it, to the hard drives and optical drives, and to the system cooling which consists of either fans or pumps (if you get the newer desktops with liquid cooling).

Some Of The Best Games For Pro Online Racers

If you are looking for some challenging games to play online, motorbike games are here for you. The fun of playing these games could not be explained. There are thousands of motorbike games available online these days that suits the interest of all types of gamers. For instance, if you are a sports bike lover, there are drag and circuit games available online. On the other hand, there are also dirt bikes games for dirt lovers. You can ride your dirt bike on the hills, dirt and any other places you could imagine. These games are also best for pro gamers, as it will offer a thrilling experience. When you play motorbike games online, you will also get a chance to unleash your racing fantasy, which is not possible in the real streets.

When you are playing online, you will be able to race with some of the best sports bikes such as Yamaha R1, Hayabuza, Suzuki ZXR, Honda ZBR as well as many other bikes. You also have an option to select the track based on your needs and interests. Most of the games come with different types of tracks and levels. As the level increases in the game, the complexity of the game also keeps on increasing. However, like other games, before you start playing the game, it is very important to read the instruction part and know about the controls in the game. In most of the games, arrow keys are used for moving forward, left and right in the games. You also have an option to modify your bike according to your needs. For instance, you will be able to change the color of the bike and the player’s costume. The choice of bikes in most of the games is also very exciting.

Most of the motorbike games will also allow you to set the difficulty level according to the knowledge and skills of the player. For instance, if you are purring this game for your kid, you will be able to set the difficultness to easy. On the other hand, for adult players paying with hard could be more fun. There are also some motorbikes games available online that come with a 3D effect. These games come with amazing quality graphics and options.

Therefore, if you are looking for some fun online, playing motorbike games could be the best option for you. These games are very fun and exciting to play.

Best Games For Autistic Children

Here are some good games console for kids with autism, including free site games, board games, video games, etc. As you know, children who suffer from autism have specific interests, at least one. Find out what it is and start from there.

1. The Wii. This game is all about movement. Auistic children make the same movements as his person, it’s helpful for controlling his character. Plus, it’s simple, for there are very few buttons. Many kids with autism love it. It’s an fantastic invention.

2. Free site games:


This website adapts to children from 3 to 6 years old. It can read stories and teach sounds and letters.


There are some color bingo and sound matching games on this site page.

3. Computer games, such as mysteries, puzzle games, or strategy games (such as Age of Empires or Age of Mythology). They are fun and not as graphic as some video games.

4. Board games. Candyland is a good one. It helps children to learn counting and turntaking. The game “Sorry” can help kids with rules and number identification. Scrabble and simple Charades can help with social skills, too.

5. Games for a group of students: “Around the world”. One student stands in back of another (who is seated at his desk). You say (let’s say you are doing verbal opposites), “BIG”, and the two children who are “it” have to come up with the verbal opposite. First one who says it moves on to the next seat. Loser has to take the winner’s seat. Reward anyone who makes it all the way around, or after however many correct answers works for your group.

6. Go fish. This game works on language, memory and attention. And it’s fun to play.

7. Try the old fashio tetris. Buy Nintendo DS at an electronic store and ask the saler for games that wouldn’t trigger a tantrum, games that are calmer.

8. Video game. Vice City and GUN are rated M, which is?the second highest video game rating. Basically,it’s not a good idea for autistic kids to play video games with too much violence.

Good Luck!

The Best Games for Playing Online

The Internet is a great source for video games that you can pick up and play as long as you have a browser. All you need to do is simply go on an Internet getaway to your favorite search engine and find some interesting ones to play. Developers are active in coming up with new ideas and they even want to get the kids involved as well. Here are some of the best games that are playable online and are accessible for all ages.

SpongeBob SquarePants Games

SpongeBob has been around the TV screens for quite a while and the series continues to gain awards every year showing that the fan base is still strong which is why there are several SpongeBob SquarePants games available today and they cover several major platforms including the Nintendo DS and Wii.

These games did not receive any huge awards like the successful TV series but they remained accessible by kids as long as they owned these systems. Fortunately, those that do not have these systems can still get some SpongeBob thrills by Nickelodeon Games website. There are SpongeBob games there that are free to play and are very easy for kids to get into. There are also plenty of other games on that site as well.

Geo Games

The most influential games are often the games that are not only fun to play but are also educational. With the Internet being a great source of information, having online educational games on the web makes things more interesting for kids that want to learn something new and geo or geography games are rather fun games to get started with as they test the players’ memory abilities and knowledge for geography overall.

Many games like Geo Genius require players to name different countries in a continent in a given set of time. Time is the only enemy here so these players must make snappy decisions and name every country accurately. Other games may have variations to these rules to make them more exciting but this is the general purpose.

Other geo games may have entirely different gameplay mechanics like this other game where the shapes of the different countries and states are scattered and must be placed in the right spots of the world. No matter what type the game is, the games will remain educational and that is what really counts here.

Other Games

There is no big hit when it comes to games for kids because nowadays older folks are getting serious about video games and some of these games have ratings making these games inaccessible. However, the web is full of tons of online gaming sites that contain tons of casual games that kids can try out. Some of these games may be educational in their own ways so there is plenty to explore. Many new games continue to be released leaving kids with unlimited possibilities. Some of these games are interactive as well allowing kids to play with other players online.